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Frontline Formulations Operation Delirium

Frontline Formulations Operation Delirium

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Introducing Operation Delirium, the cutting-edge Pre-Workout designed for warriors seeking an unparalleled boost in performance and focus. This military-grade experimental formula combines the power of carefully selected ingredients to deliver an extraordinary training experience like no other.

Prepare for the Ultimate Mission:
Operation Delirium features a moderate stimulant level, providing just the right amount of energy to fuel your workouts without overwhelming your senses. Say goodbye to jitters and crashes, and hello to sustained energy that keeps you going strong from start to finish.

Enhanced Focus and Cognitive Performance:
With 1500mg of Betaine Anhydrous and 1000mg of Choline L-Bitartrate, Operation Delirium sharpens your mental edge, allowing you to stay laser-focused on your objectives. Experience heightened concentration and cognitive performance, ensuring every rep and movement counts.

Unleash the Pump:
Get ready to experience skin-splitting pumps like never before. Operation Delirium contains 6g of L-Citrulline, a powerful nitric oxide booster that floods your muscles with blood, enhancing nutrient delivery and promoting insane vascularity. Feel the rush as your muscles swell and your veins pop, making every workout an unforgettable experience.

Combat Fatigue and Elevate Endurance:
Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to unstoppable endurance. Operation Delirium harnesses the power of 1000mg of L-Tyrosine and 750mg of Agmatine Sulfate to combat physical and mental fatigue. Push past your limits and crush your goals with unrivaled stamina and resilience.

The Next Generation of Preworkouts:
Operation Delirium goes beyond the ordinary with the inclusion of advanced ingredients. Experience the benefits of 500mg of DMAE, boosting cognitive function and promoting mental clarity. Additionally, this formula includes 100mg of Caffeine and 100mg of CognatiQ® (Coffee Fruit Extract) for enhanced energy and alertness.

Unrivaled Sustained Energy:
Operation Delirium features 69mg of ZümXR® Extended Release Caffeine, ensuring a controlled and prolonged release of energy throughout your entire workout. Say goodbye to sudden crashes and hello to sustained power that keeps you in the fight.

Unleash the Warrior Within:
With 50mg of S7® (Green Coffee Bean Extract), Operation Delirium takes your performance to the next level. Boosting nitric oxide production, S7® enhances blood flow, oxygen delivery, and nutrient uptake, amplifying your physical capabilities to new heights.

Gear up, soldier, and experience the intensity of Operation Delirium Preworkout. Dominate the battlefield of fitness and achieve unparalleled results. Are you ready for the challenge?

Warning: If under the care of a physician please consult with your doctor before taking. This product is meant for healthy adults 18 or over. Do NOT take this product if you have a history of kidney disease or heart conditions. Keep out of reach from children. Do NOT exceed one serving in any given 12-hour period.

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